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GameSpot Australia ( is the leading online source for gaming information, visited by more than 50,000 Australian gamers every day. Supported by a significant membership base of 360,000 Australians, our active online gaming community comes together on a daily basis to connect and discuss their interests as well as to be entertained and informed by the GameSpot AU editorial team and their peers.

The site provides gaming enthusiasts with comprehensive, engaging, and unbiased game information, backed with the breath of content and established knowledge offered by the GameSpot brand globally.

GameSpot AU features include:

  • Previews, reviews and interviews
  • News and event coverage
  • Strategy guides
  • Forums
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Tournaments
  • Live Webcasts

Recent Highlights


  • Male 80%
    /Female 20% [NOR]
  • 34 is the median age of GameSpot AU readers [NOR]

Monthly Site Traffic

  • 680,000 Australians monthly [NOR]
  • 15 million page impressions monthly [NOR]
  • 1.5 million video streams onsite and YouTube in Q1 2012 [CBSi]

Buying Power & Influence

  • 69% of GameSpot AU users have pre-ordered a game in the last 12 months [CBSi]
  • GameSpot AU readers spend on average $1,900 on tech purchases each year [CBSi]
  • Average HH income of $86,000+ [CBSi]
  • 89% of users have recommended specific games to others in the past 6 months [CBSi]

Twitch.TV Traffic

  • 170,000 Australians monthly [NOR2]
  • 2.2 million video streams in April 2012 [CBSi]

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Latest Photos

Rocking out at WCG2008
Associate Producer James Kozanecki
Staff Writer Laura Parker
On the set of Crosshairs - GameSpot AU's weekly web video show

Koz and Dan on the Crosshairs set
Hanging out at the GameSpot AU stand at WCG2008

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Meet the GameSpot AU team

Meet the faces behind the reviews, previews, podcasts, videos and more - Introducing the GameSpot AU editorial team!


Randolph Ramsay

Randolph became Site Manager of GameSpot APAC in 2011, after being editor of GameSpot AU since 2006. Prior to this, he was Senior Editor of CNET Australia where he covered a broad number of consumer technology topics but mostly focused on gaming, particularly console and handheld gaming. Read more...

Zorine Te

Zorine joined GameSpot AU in May 2012, taking on the role of eSports and Community Manager. With an established background in local competitive gaming circles she provides guidance for GameSpot AU's foray into eSports. Read more...

Jessica McDonell

Jess joined the GameSpot team in February 2012. Her role involves collaborating with the team to create unique and exciting video content for GameSpot. Read more...

Edmond Tran

Edmond Tran is the Video Director for GameSpot AU. He joined CBS Interactive in 2008 while writing a thesis on video game theory at UNSW, and began working as a full-time videographer upon its completion. Read more...

Some cool stuff we have done

Tropic Thunder Competition - Building the buzz around the box office launch

Gamers become rockstars

To celebrate the box-office launch of Tropic Thunder and get users involved, the CBS Interactive team worked with Paramount Pictures to develop a unique competition space on games site GameSpot AU where users competed to win a chance to reveal their inner-Rambo in an "Army Idol" style competition where users sent through their best army-fighter style picture of themselves with an accompanying 25 words or less. Read more...

In January 2008, the GameSpot AU team were one of the first in the country to get their hands on the hotly anticipated music game RockBand from Electronic Arts. The result was an MTV-worthy showcase of the team's rock credentials. See more...

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